Historic Buildings and Sites – The Anstice/Madeley Wood Estate Sale Page 3

The Anstice/Madeley Wood Estate Sale Page 3


AS TO LOTS 18 — 66.

The properties included in this Sale are now entirely surplus to the requirements of the Madeley Wood Company, who have decided to offer them for Sale at low Reserve Figures, hence the attentions of Investors and Agriculturalists, are especially drawn to this Sale.
The Farm is exceptionally well situated and would always command a good Rental.
The Accommodation Lands are good and well placed.
The Pitmounts provide enormous supplies of Clay suitable for bricks and some suitable for tiles; also slag, iron and ironstone, cinder, etc.
The Woodlands are very thriving.
The Cottages are occupied by a good class of Tenant generally. The advent of the proposed Scheme for supplying Electrical Power must almost inevitably bring fresh Industries into this District.


Lot 21

Four Cottages with Gardens and Outbuildings
Nos. 16 to 19, Queen Street, Madeley, extending to an area of
2,768 Square Yards or thereabouts,
let to Messrs. Kirkham, Oswell, Parker, W. and Parker E., on monthly tenancies producing a gross Annual Rental of £27 6s. 0d.
These Cottages (originally five) are built of good materials — brick walls and tiled roof and each has a large Garden and Pigsty. There are two Wash-houses and E.C.s and water available from Hydrant.
This Lot is sold with the benefit of a Right of Road over Lot 19, as shown on Plan.
Sold to Roberts £140


Fields of Accommodation Pasture Land,
situate immediately to the East of Madeley Market Station, and having access from Station Road and Washbrook Lane, extending to an area of
3 Acres 1 Rood 29 Poles
— Mr. A. Pooler.
Outgoings. Tithe apportionment — £1 2s. 0d.
This land is bounded on the West by the L.M. and S. Railway Station, on the East by a brookcourse, and forms useful grazing.

LOT 23

The commodious Detached Dwelling House with Garden and Old Corn Mill,
known as “THE MILL HOUSE”,
situate adjoining the Road leading from Station Road to the Hay Farm, extending to an area of
1,694 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenant. Executors Late Mr. J. Chatham.
The House
is very substantially built of brick with ornamental tiled roof, and contains:— Sitting Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Pantry, Wash-house, 4 Bedrooms.
Good Garden, E.C. Water from Spring.
Mill House with old overshot water wheel.
Tenancy. This Lot is let on an Annual Ladyday Tenancy to Executors of the late Mr. J. Chatham, at a low Annual Rental of £7 4s. 0d. It is believed to be sub-let.
Sold to Unknown £140

LOT 24

An area of Pitmount with Buildings & Tramway, formerly known as “SHAWFIELD COLLIERY”,
situate fronting the Road leading from Madeley to the Hay Farm, and extending to an area of
2 Acres 2 Roods 5 Poles or thereabouts
In Hand.
The Mounts are composed of Penistone and Pit Shale, suitable for the manufacture of bricks.
Note. The Buildings do not include the Range of Stabling, which has been sold.
Sold to Dyas £5

LOT 25

A substantially built Range of Twelve Cottages with Gardens and Warehouse,
being Nos. 21 to 32. Coalport Road, Madeley; within short distance of Messrs. Legge and Sons’ Works, and of the Madeley Cold Blast Slag Company’s Works, in all containing an area of
1 Acre 2 Roods 26 Poles or thereabouts
These Cottages were formerly Sixteen in number, hence the accommodation for eight has been increased. They are very substantially built of brick, with tiled roofs.
Outbuildings. 4 Wash-houses, 6 E.C.’s, large Warehouse.
Water supply from Tap, provided by Agreement under Sale of Land to Borough of Wenlock.
Gardens. Each Cottage has an area of Garden Ground, which situated partly in front and partly at Blists Hill.
Tenancies. These Cottages are let on monthly tenancies to messrs. Beddows, Edwards, Lloyd, Yorke, Hewitt, Perks, Richards, Tyrer, J. Yorke, T. Yorke, George and G. Lloyd at gross rentals amounting annually to £105 7s 1d.
Sold to Legge £400.

LOT 26

A small triangular Plot of Land,
having a frontage of 140 feet to Coalport Road and extending to
386 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenant — Mr. T. W. Lloyd.
This Land
has two Poplar Tress thereon, value £2 10s 0d.
Tenancy. This Lot is let to Mr. T. W. Lloyd on an Annual Tenancy at a nominal Rent of 1/6 per annum.

LOT 27

A Plot of Pasture Land,
situate at the rear of the “All Nations Inn”, Coalport Road, Madeley extending to an area of
2,415 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenant — Mr. M. Dudley.

This Land is sold exclusive of the Buildings erected thereon by the Tenant; it is bounded on the West by the Incline.
Tenancy. This Lot is let to Mrs(?). M. Dudley on an Annual Ladyday Tenancy at a Rental of £1 10s. 0d.

LOT 28

An area of Woodland, known as part of “LEE DINGLE”,
situate with frontage of 510 feet or thereabouts to Coalport Road, Madeley, and within a short and easy distance of Coalport, extending to an area of
4 Acres 0 Roods 34 Poles or thereabouts
In Hand.
This Woodland
was planted about 40 years ago with mixed Ash, Oak, Sycamore, Hornbeam etc., the Brookcourse both intersects and bounds portions.
Outgoings. Tithe apportionment —4/-.
Sold to Legge £50

LOT 29.

Two Fields of good Pasture Land & Woodland Adjoining, known as “THE COW PASTURES”,
situate adjoining the Lees Farm, Madeley, and having access from both the Coalport Road and from the Ironbridge Road, extending to an area of
23 Acres 3 Roods 10 Poles or thereabouts
Tenants of Pasture — Executors Late Mr. J. Chatham.
This Land
is bounded on the West by the Lees Brook, it is well supplied with water, Timber Trees (mainly Oak) provide good shade, while the turf is old and of excellent quality.
The Woodland is mainly Spruce, Oak and Ash of about 20 years’ standing.
Tenancy. The Pastures are let to the Executors Late Mr. J. Chatham on an Annual Ladyday Rental of £45 0s. 0d.
The Woodlands in hand.
Outgoings. Tithe apportionment —£4 12s. 8d.

LOT 30

An area of Pitmount with Tramway and Buildings, known as “MEADOWPIT MOUNT”,
together with an EASEMENT RENTAL appertaining thereto, the Land extending to an area of
17 Acres 0 Roods 0 Poles or thereabouts
In Hand.
The Mount
comprises quantities of Penistone Clay, Cinders, Bricks and Stone, and rough grazing.
The Tramway runs from the Mount to the Coalport Road Bridge, and has old Stabling alongside its route, it is mainly brick paved.
The Easement Rental of £1 per annum is payable by the Dawley Urban District Council in respect of water pipes running through this area. The Reservoir within this Land is excluded from the Sale; together with all rights of way and access to pipes, valves, reservoir thus conveyed to the Dawley U.D.C.
Outgoings. Tithe apportionment —£2 10s. 0d.
Sold to Legge £30