Historic Buildings and Sites – The Anstice/Madeley Wood Estate Sale Page 4

The Anstice/Madeley Wood Estate Sale Page 4


AS TO LOTS 18 — 66.

The properties included in this Sale are now entirely surplus to the requirements of the Madeley Wood Company, who have decided to offer them for Sale at low Reserve Figures, hence the attentions of Investors and Agriculturalists, are especially drawn to this Sale.

The Farm is exceptionally well situated and would always command a good Rental.

The Accommodation Lands are good and well placed.

The Pitmounts provide enormous supplies of Clay suitable for bricks and some suitable for tiles; also slag, iron and ironstone, cinder, etc.

The Woodlands are very thriving.

The Cottages are occupied by a good class of Tenant generally. The advent of the proposed Scheme for supplying Electrical Power must almost inevitably bring fresh Industries into this District.


Lot 31

An area of Land & Woodland,
known as “Blists Hill Cinder Tip” and “Edges Rough and Coppice” situate between the L.M. and S. Railway and the Canal, near and having access to the Coalport Road, and extending to Coalport, comprising a total area of
17 Acres 1 Roods 0 Poles or thereabouts
Lessees of Portion
— The Madeley Wood Cold Blast Slag Co.
Remainder in hand.
“Blists Hill Cinder Tip”
is sold subject to a Sale by Lease dated 15th May, 1908 for 21 years and extended by the period of the European War, of the Blast Furnace Slag, Ash and Cinder Tip, excepting manufactured iron as originally made between the Madeley Wood Co. and John Paton, also to a subsequent grant of a further area of Land for depositing dirt, the whole being comprised in an area of
7 Acres 3 Roods 14 Poles or thereabouts.
The Reversion only of the Freehold is included in the Sale.
Edges Rough and Coppice is mainly Woodland and comprises:— Trees, mainly Oak, Sycamore, Ash and Willow of about 30 years’ growth, though some Oaks are fully matured.
Outgoings. Tithe apportionment —Nil paid.

LOT 32

An Plot of Garden Ground,
having a frontage of 150 feet to Madeley Road, Coalport, and an area of
500 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenant — Mr. G. Adams.
Tithe apportionment —1/4.
Tenancy. This Lot is let to Mr. G. Adams on an Annual Ladyday Tenancy at a nominal Rental of 2/6.

LOT 33

An exceedingly well-built and situated Detached Residence with Grounds, known as “THE LLOYDS HOUSE”,
situate and being No. 1, the Lloyds, Madeley, between Coalport and Ironbridge, extending to an area of
4,017 Square Yards or thereabouts
Service Occupier— Mr. T. J. Oakes.
The House
is prettily situated in a position sheltered from the East, and overlooking the River Severn. The Main Structure is of first-class materials and workmanship and contains:—
Basement. Good Kitchen, Scullery and 2 bone-dry Cellars.
Ground Floor. Entrance Hall and Portico, Drawing Room, Capital Dining Room, Morning Room, China Pantry.
First Floor. 4 Bedrooms, Bath Room with Bath and Lavatory; W.C.
Outbuildings. Wash-house and Coal-house on paved Yard, Stabling with loft, Pigsty and E.C..
Kitchen Garden with Heated Conservatory.
Front Lawn with nicely timbered Slopes to Road.
Tenancy. This Lot is occupied by Mr. T. J. Oakes on a Service Tenancy.

LOT 34

An area of Land,
being the site of a former Cottage in Lloyds Coppice, and having an area of
500 Square Yards or thereabouts
In Hand.

LOT 35

Three brick built and tiled Cottages with Gardens,
Nos. 16, 17, and 18, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 990 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenants. Messrs. George, Franks and Hurdley.
Gross Rentals — £22 3s. 1d.
Tenancy. Monthly.
Each House has 3 Rooms and there are 2 Wash-houses, 2 E.C.’s and 3 Coal-houses; pigsty. Gas and Water laid on.
Sold to Onions £120

LOT 36

Two brick built and tiled Cottages with Gardens,
Nos. 14 and 15, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 2,129 Square Yards or thereabouts
Messrs. Reynolds and Evans.
Gross Rentals — £14 4s. 8d.
Tenancies. Monthly.
No. 14 has three rooms and No. 15 five rooms. There are 3 Pigsties, 2 Wash-houses, 2 E.C.’s and two Gardens, also old Cottage. Tap water on premises.
Sold to Unknown £45

LOT 37

A detached Brick built and tiled Cottage with Garden,
Nos. 13, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 619 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenant. Mrs. A. Cornes.
Gross Rental
— £8 5s. 9d.
Tenancy. Monthly.
This House contains 4 Rooms and there is Wash-house, Coal-house, E.C., Pigsty.

LOT 38

Four brick built and tiled Cottages with Gardens,
Nos. 9, 10, 11, and 12, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 3,523 Square Yards or thereabouts
Tenants—Messrs. Watkiss and Heighway.
Gross Rental
— £16 1s. 9d.
Tenancy. Monthly.
These Houses are two-storied with gabled front, one is void.
Outbuildings. 2 Wash-houses, 2 E.C.’s and 2 Pigsties.
Sold to Holding £70

LOT 39

A block of Sixteen Cottages with Gardens and Outbuildings,
Nos. 19 to 34 inclusive, The Lloyds, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 6,423 Square Yards or thereabouts
—Messrs. Jones, Wootton, Yorke, Bird, Davies, Hurdley, Gregson, Wright, Yorke, Gill, Hurdley, Lloyd, Mason, George and Evans.
Gross Rentals — £123 3s. 6d.
Tenancy. Monthly.
Ten Houses contain 4 Rooms and the remainder three rooms, and there are 5 Wash-houses.
Outbuildings. 6 E.C.’s, 12 Pigsties and large circular ash-pit in centre of Yards. Water is laid to 8 Taps and Gas is available.

LOT 40

Semi-detached brick-built and tiled Cottage with Garden and Yard,
No. 18, Severn Side, Iron-Bridge.
Area — 200 Square Yards or thereabouts
—Mr. E. Till.
Nominal Gross Rental — £4 14s. 3d.
Tenancy. Monthly.
This House contains:— Parlour, Kitchen, Scullery, Cellar and ? (unclear) Bedrooms.
Gas laid on and water from Hydrant.