Madeley Town Trail Detour A, 27 – 29

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Turn left along COALPORT ROAD. Please be careful as there are no footpaths.

You will arrive at the All Nations Inn (27) (plaque K) which is approached via a steep driveway. It was licensed in 1832 and tenanted for a time by the Baguley family who were also builders and responsible for construction of some local railway stations including Madeley Market station. Later run by the Lewis family, the All Nations is a famous home-brew house.

From the pub car park, you can look across Lee Dingle Bridge (28) – except when the trees are in full leaf – with its imposing lattice girder framework spanning Legges Way. The large abutments have a blue brick base with sandstone caps and cast iron ornamental parapets.

It was built around 1860, during the construction of the railway, to replace an earlier timber viaduct and was used to carry coal and ironstone from the Meadow Pit Colliery to Blists Hill Ironworks.

The decking has been removed and it is no longer in use (please take care as there is a steep drop at the side of the bridge).

NB The photo is taken from the nearby footbridge, not the middle of the road!

From the other side of the car park, you can also view up to the top of Baguley’s Wind (29), an inclined plane associated with Meadow Pit Colliery and now used as a footpath. It is mid-19th century in date, again replacing an earlier tram-road (again it is a steep climb over uneven ground so please take care if you walk to the top).

Retrace your steps along COALPORT ROAD to